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Gibson London AW16
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Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein - Chinese food


bullet 200g of dry egg noodles
bullet 1 pepper (red or green, or mixed)
bullet 150g of chicken breast (lean and boneless)
bullet 100g beans sprouts
bullet ½ small onion
bullet 3 tbsp oil (veg, peanut or sunflower)
bullet 2 tbsp of sesame oil
bullet 3 tbsp of soy sauce

How to Cook

  1. Cook noodles to pack instructions, drain and loosen strands.
  2. Cut onion and pepper into small stripe.  Cut chicken into finger length stripe.
  3. Heat wok until hot, add oil and swirl around.  
  4. Add onion, allow to sizzle for a few seconds.  Add pepper and then chicken, stir fry for approx. 2 minutes.
  5. Add a cup of water, continue to stir-fry until chicken is tender and add the breansprouts, stir until it is thoroughly cooked.
  6. Add about 2 tbsp of corn flour (mixed with ½ cup of water in advance) and soy sauce. Finally add sesame oil and stir before serving.