Gibson London AW16
Gibson London AW16
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Sauteed Beancurd with Pork Slice


bullet 6 piece solid beancurd
bullet 3oz/84g lean pork
bullet 2oz/56g carrot
bullet 2 spring onion
bullet 1 slice ginger
bullet 2 shallot


bullet 1 tsp wine
bullet ½ cup stock
bullet ¼ tsp salt
bullet 2 tsp oyster sauce
bullet ¾ tsp sugar
bullet pinch of pepper
bullet 1½ tsp cornflour solution
bullet ¼ tsp light soy sauce
bullet 1 tsp sesame oil

How to Cook

  1. Clean, dry and cut beancurd into small cube.  Deep fry until lightly brown.
  2. Slice ( into thin slices) and marinate pork with ½ tsp of light soy sauce, ½ wine and ½ corn flour, ¼ tsp sugar and 1 tbsp of water for approx. 10 minutes, parboil in warm oil and drain.
  3. Slice and refresh carrot.
  4. Section spring onions, shred ginger and slice shallot.
  5. heat wok with oil to saute ginger and shallot.  Slice in beancurd, carrot and pork slice to fry for a while.  Sizzle wine, add stock and seasonings.  Thicken sauce with cornflour solution.  Scatter spring onions and mix in oil and serve.