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Gibson London AW16
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Reaching to your customers

Firstly, for those who are already listed, if you have an active website, use "contact us" and send us the URL (web site address) and we will update your listing to point to your site, this is free as that is the purpose of our site, to link customers to you, we have been doing this since 2000


One page is all you really need, for just £150.00 a year, that's less then 42p a day


A Single page

If you would like to use our site to reach more potential customers, without complications, here's what we can offer:


Oriental catering trade:

Takeaway Online Menu (not interactive, no online ordering process, no commissions, admin or maintenance fee) just £150.00 a year


Restaurant Online Menu (as above, no table booking services but can be arranged at extra cost) just £150.00 a year


Supermarkets - Single page with informative information displaying all the relevant details and images (again no ecommerce) just £150.00 a year


Advertising space

Although the revenue is important for up keeping of our site, our primary objective has always been to deliver what the visitor is looking for, hence why we have place the ad space at the top and the bottom of each page. You can rent that space for your advertisement from £150.00 a year (restrictions will apply, especially if we are not designing the ad, for obvious reasons).

The ad space is open to all businesses (with certain ethical exceptions), we have summarised the options available below:

Top level – home page – ( sorry these are already reserved
Second level – £1000.00 a year (e.g.
Third level - £300.00 a year (e.g.
Forth level - £150.00 a year (e.g.


Discounts for Bulk. If you take multiple pages we can offer 10% for more than 5 pages (annually).
We can do the ad work for free if you take more than 10 pages (usually £150.00 *– one off cost).

* Ad work will be in two sizes, one for desktop / laptop, and another will render to fit on smaller mobile devices

Example below:

Advertise with


Advertise with OnlyChinese

Web Sites

If your business do not have a working site or have an out of date (not mobile friendly site / content:

The new internet marketing concept, the way forward..., idea from the Cloud

Conventionally, if a business wanted a web presence they have to initiate a web designer, hire a hosting platform, buy a domain name, set up email administrations, and all the other associated costs, or you can have this all done by a third party company at a premium.  Most would create the site and not visit or even use it for the purpose it was intended for, to capture potential customers, after spending possible hundreds or even thousands, with limited or no ROI.

For those who do not currently have an active web presences, or your site is simply not being shown on any search results, we can offer a one-page presentation page on our site (a page dedicated just to your business), which would provide your business’s basic details, name, address, contact number, what your business sells, images and a map showing your location, and if required (and available) link to your own ecommerce site.  This will be listed for Google and other search engines (just in case) and the address will contain your business name e.g., this would allow for higher page ranking through association.  Basically we are offering a package web presence without the heavy cost and overheads, and we are offer this for only £150.00 a year, design and layout will be generic (no flash, no animations), you simply provide the details and the fee, we will do the rest.

What else we offer

Clearly there are those who would like to venture into ecommerce, an on-line takeaway ordering system, or a table booking system, just drop us an email with your requirement.


Outside of this site, our team can also offer the conventional website design packages:

WebSites for Businesses - we can design, publish, arrange hosting, set up email account and other functionality to provide the web package for your business should this be your requirement, just send us your what you are looking for, and we will help start your internet marketing journey.

Mobile Smart - The biggest problem at this moment is the lack of mobile rendering sites, which means users are unable to see any content of your site on their mobile devices without a lot of scrolling / adjusting, we can also help bring your current site up to date.

SEO - We can also perform SEO for your website and with the aid of more relevant and unique info allowing your site to achieve a higher ranking, to find our more, contact us for further details.

See active sites...

For all your internet marketing needs, please contact us via below link or email us at