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Only Chinese
Chinese Dish with Fried Vegetables


Reaching your customers - for just £35 a year?

Sick and tried of paying excessive commissions to online ordering provider, cutting deep into your profit margin, wondering if these customers are actually additional revenue or were they going to spend anyway, and now your final taking has suffered. Why are all takeaways merged into one page regardless of the cuisine, this is the why this site was created in the first place, to provide users a site only for Chinese Food, hence the name... too many choices does not help businesses, it only helps the commission builder, which is the current internet marketing trend, here is an alternative. If you have a dedicated website, send us your website address and we can update your listing with a link to your site, simply use Contact us and send us the URL (web site address) and we will point your customers to your site, this is absolutely free, as this was the original purpose of our site, to link your customers to you, which we have been doing for free since 2002.

If your Chinese takeaway, restaurant or supermarket is not listed or any details is out of date, please send us the update via Contact us

If you so desire, we can link this to other websites (for online ordering so you can share your profit), we are happy to link your entry to them but this will incurr a yearly £100.00 charge.


A Single page

Alternative we can offer one page for your menu or promotional flyers scanned for your customers to view online. for a yearly fee of only £35.00, without complications, just send us a scan for upload, with no hidden extras and no percentage per sale (size restrictions will apply - standard A4, please contact us for further details).


Advertising space for Local Businesses

Although the revenue is important for the upkeeping of our site, our primary objective has always been to help small business to suceed, and to deliver what our visitors are looking for, helping them find you. We have created a prefect opportunity for local businesses (none Chinese Food) to use the local space to promote their business, hence why we have allocated two places on each page (top and the bottom of each page) as ad spaces for local businesses to use. You can rent this space for your advertisement from only £35.00 a year (restrictions will apply, especially if we are not designing the ad, for obvious reasons).

The ad space is open to all other businesses (with certain ethical exceptions and subject to availability), we have summarised the options available below:

Tier 1 – home page - £1000.00 a year (
Tier 2 – £500.00 a year (e.g.
Tier 3 - £100.00 a year (e.g.
Tier 4 - £35.00 a year (e.g.


Each page is only limited to a maximum of 2 ads, when it's gone, it's gone, so be quick

* Ad work will be in two sizes, one for desktop / laptop, and another will render to fit on smaller mobile devices. Price for ad work creation will be a one off cost of £35.00 for a tier 4 space(free for multiple of more then 3 spaces or tier 3 and above)

Example below:

Advertise with OnlyChinese


Advertise with OnlyChinese

With the new internet marketing concept, many will offer SEO, smart phone ready, and so on, at high premium. Here we focus heavily on delivering our site so you can reap the benefits of all our hard work at no extra cost to your marketing budget.

Web Sites

If you want or need more web presence, we can design and create your very own web site from just £350.00 (all inclusive for the first year including domain registration and set up), and just £150 (subsequent year) therefore after, this will include web hosting, domain name registrations and your own set of email addresses (can be redirected to your own private email address which your customer will not see).

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For all your internet marketing needs, please contact us via our contact us page or email us at



To subscribe for only £35 a year, click the subscribe button below, and simply send us your menu or flyer and we'll do the rest. Please note that this is a yearly subscription which you can cancel at anytime should you wish:



If you require art work, multiple slots or anything else please drop us an email via contact us via our contact us page or email us at