Chinese Dim Sum
Chinese Dish with Fried Vegetables

Chinese food retailers

Chinese Takeaways

Chinese Takeaways

When you are hungry and just don't have time to cook, the Chinese Takeaway has been for many years the conviencent way to feed you and your family, also good for dinner parties or family events at home

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Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

For that specical occasion or just a nice meal out at the end of a hard working week, or just a nice mid week treat, this is a place for family gathering without the stress of having to arrange the nurisments

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Chinese Supermarket

Chinese Supermarkets

For those who enjoy Chinese cooking themselves, or have had the good fortune of spending time in the far east and need that special something they remember from their travels, there are many Chinese Supermarket across the UK providing all the ingredients and other necessities.

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Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat 2020

Swift and intelligent, adaptable to new environments. Willing to trust people and tend to be cheated easily. Seek a Dragon or Monkey, least compatible with Horse.

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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Boar

Year of the Boar 2019

Self-confident, full of vigor and determination. Fit in leadership role effortlessly but not very flexible in thinking. avoid other Boar. Wed a Rabbit or Sheep.

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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog 2018

Honest, and with integrity, full of sense of justice and always stand up for friends. It is your drawback to trust others easily. Seek a Horse or Tiger. Avoid Dragon.

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  • Life behind the wok

    As an occupation, a chef in a chinese takeaway is very demanding yet rewarding career, presenting that fine delious meal to their customers in prefection requires great skills and dedication.

  • Life in Hong Kong

    Coming to the UK back in the 80's was a real cultural stock, along with the limited understanding of the language made childhood extremely interesting

  • More up coming articles

    we are seeking something which may be of interest to our readers, but in the mean time, for more to read on Chinese Cooking


Healthy Eating

Boiled Rice

The primary part of the diet for a large part of the world

Chinese Soup

Soup contains extract of goodness from the ingredients used